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Dutch Bros is famous for offering quality beverages. If you enjoy tea, read on to find out the top-ranked Dutch Bros iced teas available.

Identifying the best-iced teas at Dutch Bros is challenging for most new customers. Though I like Starbucks, I sometimes prefer visiting the Dutch Bros drive-through, which is closer to my home. I used to order coffee from Dutch Bros on my way from work until I started experiencing trouble sleeping.

I was looking for a drink with fewer side effects when I discovered iced teas at Dutch Bros. Though finding the best-iced teas was challenging initially, I did a lot of research on these drinks and created this post to share what I learned. By the end of it, you will also discover what each of them is made up of.

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Can you get dairy-free iced teas at Dutch Bros?

Yes. Most iced teas at Dutch Bros are dairy-free since they don’t contain milk. Most of the iced teas at this coffee house are made with green or black tea, syrups, and ice. However, for those that contain milk, like vanilla chai, you can still order them dairy free. Simply ask Dutch bros to replace regular milk with a plant-based alternative like oat milk. Dutch Bros also offers other dairy-free alternatives you can order with iced tea, like coconut or almond milk.

How can you order healthy iced teas at Dutch Bros?

Though not all iced teas at Dutch Bros are healthy, you can make them healthier by customizing them. For instance, consider ordering an iced tea with sugar-free syrup. This can help minimize the calories in your drink. You can also order an iced tea without any sweetener.

Additionally, before you order an iced tea, find out how many calories it has. Choose a low-calorie iced tea that is within the daily intake limit. Also, focusing on the smallest cup sizes can help you minimize the calories in your beverage. You can also order a healthy iced tea at Dutch Bros by substituting regular milk with a dairy-free alternative such as oat milk, which is a healthier option.

How much are iced teas at Dutch Bros?

Green tea lemonadeSmall$3.00
Green tea lemonadeLarge$4.50
Sweet Sunrise Paris TeaSmall$1.75
Sweet Sunrise Paris TeaLarge$3.00
OG Gummy BearSmall$1.75
OG Gummy BearLarge$3.00
Dragon SlayerSmall$3.00
Dragon SlayerLarge$3.75
Tropical TeaSmall$3.75
Tropical TeaLarge$3.75
Vanilla chaiSmall$3.00
Vanilla ChaiLarge$4.50

How we choose the best Iced teas at Dutch Bros

The iced teas on this list were chosen after considering a few crucial factors. First, we considered the taste since this reflects the quality of the beverages. We took our time to order different iced teas from Dutch Bros and tasted them. Additionally, we considered other customers’ views on how good the iced teas were.

We also considered their ingredients and nutritional content. You can trust this article since it includes all this information to help you figure out what exactly you would be consuming from ordering any of these iced teas.

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6 best Iced teas at Dutch Bros

RankingIced teaIngredients
1Green tea lemonadeLemonade, ice, and green tea.
2Sweet Sunrise Paris teaBlack tea, passion fruit, peach, ice, banana, and orange
3OG GummybearBlack tea, Grapefruit, watermelon, passion fruit, ice, and pomegranate syrup
4Dragon SlayerBlack/ green tea, blackberry drizzles, ice, raspberry syrup, and blue raspberry syrup
5Tropical teaGreen/ Black tea, passion fruit, coconut, and blue raspberry syrup
6Vanilla chaiVanilla syrup, ice, milk, and Oregon chai.

Green tea lemonade

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (1)

If you are searching for a healthy and refreshing iced tea at Dutch Bros, you should consider ordering green tea lemonade. It is a great beverage to drink at a picnic or while hanging by the pool. This beverage is made up of ice, lemonade, and green tea. A small green tea lemonade contains 73 calories, 17 grams of carbs, and 16 grams of sugar.

Though this drink is caffeinated, its caffeine is low and can still boost energy levels. Many Dutch Bros customers like this iced tea since it is slightly flavored. Being green tea also means it is full of health benefits you may not get in other beverages. For instance, it can help digestion and regulate body temperature.

Sweet Sunrise Paris tea

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (2)

This is one of my favorite iced teas at Dutch Bros since it is refreshing. It is infused with a sweet combination of fruits that makes it irresistible. The drink is prepared with banana, orange, passion fruit, and peach. The ingredients make this iced tea quite nutritious.

Compared to other drinks at Dutch Bros, Paris tea is low in calories. It does not contain any fat or carbs. Sweet Sunrise Paris tea is a simple beverage that tastes like black tea. Dutch Bros even gives you the freedom to customize this iced tea. For instance, you can enhance its flavor by ordering it with a bit of classic syrup or vanilla syrup. Note that such customizations will increase the calories in the iced tea.

OG Gummybear

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (3)

OG Gummybear is a black iced tea that is infused with fruit. The drink comprises Grapefruit, watermelon, passion fruit, and pomegranate syrup. This iced tea is suitable for Dutch Bros customers with a sweet tooth since it is pretty delicious. It tastes like candy.

Though you may enjoy this iced tea, you should take it in moderation due to its high-calorie content. A large cup of OG Gummy Bear has 390 calories, 4 grams of fat, 81 grams of carbs, and 25 mg cholesterol.

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Dragon Slayer

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (4)

Dutch Bros offers both an energy drink variation of this beverage and a tea version. If you love the taste of mixed berries in drinks, you should consider getting this iced tea from Dutch Bros. The base of this drink is either black tea or green tea. Dutch bros also prepare it with other ingredients like raspberry and blue raspberry syrup. It is also garnished with some blackberry drizzles and added ice to make it more refreshing.

This drink can easily quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Many people like it not only for its distinct berry flavor but also for its bright purple appearance. Though the calories in this iced tea are high, you can minimize them by ordering some sugar-free syrups.

Tropical tea

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (5)

This is a captivating and great-tasting iced tea that you should also consider getting from Dutch Bros. The company can make it with black tea or green tea, depending on your preference.

Dutch Bros also adds fruits to this iced tea, including passion fruit and coconut.

You can also enhance the flavor of this iced tea by ordering it with some blue raspberry syrup. You can tell from the name that this iced tea has a tropical flavor. This flavor has the right amount of sweetness that can satisfy your craving without being overwhelming.

Feel free to order this iced tea with some strawberry syrup if you want to further enhance its flavor. A medium cup of this beverage at Dutch Bros contains 160 calories.

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Vanilla Chai

Dutch Bros Iced teas - starbmag (6)

Though Dutch Bros serves vanilla chai hot, you can still get an iced version of this tea from this coffee chain. This is a classic drink that is quite delicious. I like it because it is sweet and comforting. It is made up of milk, vanilla syrup, and Oregon chai.

Feel free to ask for this iced tea with some dairy-free alternative instead of regular milk to make it more nutritious. You should take this iced tea in moderation due to its high-calorie content. 1 serving of vanilla chai has 280 calories, 6 grams of fat, 49 grams of carbs, and 49 grams of sugar.

Informative Section

How big is a large iced coffee at Dutch Bros?

A large iced coffee at Dutch Bros is 32 ounces, while a medium iced coffee is 24 ounces.

Can you get iced teas in a small cup at Dutch Bros?

Yes. Dutch Bros serves iced teas in three cup sizes, including a small one. A small cup of iced tea at this coffee shop is 16 ounces.

Does Dutch Bros deliver iced teas?

Yes. You can order iced teas from Dutch Bros and have them delivered to your doorstep since this coffee shop works with GrubHub food delivery.

Will Dutch Bros’ iced teas make me fat?

Not all iced teas at Dutch Bros can make you fat since some have few calories, like Green Tea Lemonade. You can also control what goes on in your drinks by choosing healthy ways to customize them. If you crave a sweet iced drink, do not take too much of it.


Are there vegan iced teas at Dutch Bros?

Yes. Most iced teas at Dutch Bros are vegan since they are not made with animal products. Some vegan iced teas at this coffee shop include Tropical Tea, Green Tea lemonade, and dragon slayer.

Are there gluten-free iced teas at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros cannot guarantee gluten-free iced teas. Therefore, if you have gluten sensitivity or suffer from celiac disease, it is best to avoid iced teas from this coffee house due to the risk of cross-contamination.


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