Emerald Cut Engagement Rings (2023)

The emerald-cut engagement ring has a fancy diamond cut that is admired by those who love subtle and sophisticated elegance. Among fancy gemstone cuts for engagement rings, the emerald cut is unique and highly suitable for self-expression. The creative genius of master gemstone cutters and jewellery designers combine to make exquisite, handcrafted diamond and gemstone engagement rings. Here, you will find a stunning collection of emerald-cut engagement rings from the best designers and bespoke collections in Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond.

• What is an emerald cut?
• What does an emerald-cut engagement ring mean?
• Why are emerald-cut diamonds cheaper?
• Unique emerald cut engagement ring styles

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What is an emerald cut?

An emerald cut is a type of diamond or gemstone cut in a rectangular shape. It is a variant of the traditional rectangular step cut with clipped corners to fashion a sort of long octagon-like shape. The emerald cut enhances the richness of a coloured gemstone’s hue or the clarity of a flawless white diamond.

This fancy gemstone cut draws its name from the stone most cut in this rectangular shape—the green emerald. However, any gemstone, including sapphires, rubies, or diamonds can have an emerald cut.

The Emerald cut is an iconic vintage style cut

Initially, this shape was created for emerald stones; however, the cut became popular with gemstone cutters because it requires less pressure during the cutting process, preventing chips in the gems. Diamond cutters took notice of this new shape and soon after began to incorporate it into diamonds as well.

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Emerald cut diamonds
The emerald-cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond shapes, with stylistic origins tracing back to the table cut of the 1500s. However, the actual term “emerald cut” was not used until the 1920s when the art deco movement in designs became prominent. During these years this rectangular cut saw an increase in popularity because its clean lines and symmetry were widely admired. Since then, emerald cuts have remained one of the most popular cut choices for diamond rings too.

What does an emerald-cut gemstone look like?

The typical emerald cut has a large and prominent rectangular flat facet on top and a deep pavilion drawing light and the eye inward, deepening and intensifying the gemstone's colour and clarity to mesmerizing effect. The rows of elongated parallel facets on the pavilion (sides of the stone) and crown (between the flat top and the stones rim or edge), running parallel to the gem’s girdle, with sets at the corners and on each of the stone’s four sides.

While the number of steps or rows may vary, the standard number is 3 on the pavilion and 3 on the crown. The modern emerald cut has 58 facets, 25 on the pavilion, 25 on the crown, and 8 on the Girdle (Top), with three rows of top steps and three rows of bottom steps.

Similar step and rectangular cuts
Although most emerald cuts are rectangular, square variations called square emerald cuts also exist.
Asscher cuts are square versions of emerald cuts with more prominently truncated corners. This gives them an almost octagonal shape.
The baguette cut is also a rectangular step cut but has unbeveled, angled corners, resulting in a sharp rectangular shape.

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You are attracted to emerald-cut engagement rings because…

• You identify with this cut which is best known for its beauty and precision, in engagement rings. You like this popular cut because it highlights clarity better than any of the other fancy diamond shapes.
• The emerald cut, like its wearer, is strong and bold
• This cut displays a love of the organised mixed with just a hint of flightiness in the wearer
• Just like you, the emerald cut was designed to display quiet confidence and not sparkling brilliance like other diamond and gemstone cuts
• Choosing an emerald-cut diamond ring tells the world that you know where you are and that you absolutely belong there

Emerald-cut diamond engagement ring prices

When you choose a high-grade diamond ring with an emerald cut, you will still find that it is less expensive than other top-rated diamond cuts like the classic round brilliant, princess or marquise cuts. This is because, emerald-cut diamonds offer extraordinary savings, sometimes as much as 40% compared to a round-cut diamond of similar qualities. Unlike round brilliant cuts, you can also save by buying a shallower emerald cut which accentuates the diamond's carat weight (appearance of size).

How to choose an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring

♦ If you're choosing an emerald-cut diamond ring, you'll want to consider investing in a diamond with a higher colour grade, as the emerald cut will emphasize any inherent colour in the stone. Furthermore, you'll want to choose a diamond with a higher clarity grade, as the large table facet will emphasize any visible inclusions in the heart of the stone. For instance, an emerald-cut diamond with a grading like H for colour and VS2 for clarity will give you the most for your money.
♦ You can also look for shallower stones since these will face up (appear) larger. The angles in an emerald cut aren’t as important to its beauty, so a shallow stone can still look great!
♦ Avoid emerald-cut diamonds that have large dark areas.
♦ Find your perfect emerald-cut ring size.

Designer emerald-cut engagement rings for the sophisticated woman

When the quality of the gemstone or diamond based on the 4Cs grading system is high, then the emerald cut engagement ring is a winner in handcrafted and unique designer styles. These fancy-cut diamonds reflect light in broad flashes, offering a unique and sophisticated style.

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The solitaire emerald cut engagement ring
The emerald cut is a beautiful choice for engagement ring styles bearing a large coloured gemstone or a high-quality 1-2 carat diamond. A solitaire engagement ring is all about the centrepiece, its setting, shape and cut. If you fancy an emerald-cut solitaire you are not alone. Solitaire diamond emerald cut diamond rings in a classic prong setting are popular and trending engagement ring cuts. This diamond engagement ring style is sported by prominent celebrities, including queen Beyonce.

When choosing your solitaire emerald cut ring be sure to follow the buying hints we recommend in the section above.

Unique emerald-cut engagement ring styles
♦ Halo engagement ring designs sport the emerald cut diamond solitaire framed with baguettes for additional length and sparkle. Some halo styles have the larger centre stone surrounded by other diamond cuts like tiny round brilliants or coloured gemstones.
♦ In addition to being set as centre stones, this gemstone cut is popular as an accent in cluster engagement ring styles.
♦ Emerald cut diamonds and gemstones could be set in an east-west setting beside softer shapes. Or be flanked by round brilliants in a 3-stone setting or asymmetrical designs
♦ Diamond line rings or eternity bands are also engagement ring favourites; these styles are excellent when crowned with a 1-carat emerald cut diamond.

Designer engagement rings are not only exclusive but also exquisitely handcrafted, bearing gemstones in every kind of cut to carry the sparkle and theme of the design. Our engagement ring collections are waiting to reveal some exquisite and unique emerald-cut wonders that will rock her boat and leave you just as breathlessly smitten as we are!


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